Critical Issues to be addressed at this Summit:

Thailand Waste Policy and Targets
Emerging challenges & opportunities for waste management in Myanmar, Cambodia & Laos
Insights Into New Initiatives on Waste to Energy in the Greater Mekong Region
Municipal Initiatives Towards Handling Waste Disposal Volumes in Cambodia
Initiatives Towards Material Recovery
How Governments are integrating the waste, energy & climate change agenda?
Accelerating Waste to Energy Infrastructure Development and Technology Selection
New Urbanization Plans in Big Cities: Opportunities for the Waste Management Industry
Solid Waste Management in Vietnam: Tendering & Contracts Considerations
Municipal & Toxic Industrial Waste Management in Vietnam
Sustainable Implementations in the Supply Chain
Case Study: on Waste to Energy
Case Study: on Waste to Resources
Case Study: Landfill Gas Facility
Case Study: on Recovery Processes
Hazardous Waste Management Strategies
Packaging and Recycling Management Initiatives
Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM)
Management of urban solid waste
Developments of 3R and zero waste strategies in the Greater Mekong countries - what are the options in planning, financing, technology selection & support systems?
Regulatory initiatives to reduce landfill disposal. Zero disposal target
Recovery of energy from waste: new technologies
Biomass to energy
Opportunities for Public Private Partnerships in waste management projects
Profitable Strategies to handle WEEE (Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment)

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