The Greater Mekong Region is facing an increasing number of environmental pollution challenges including air, water, and solid waste pollution. Major factors contributing to these problems include high population growth rate, migration of people from rural to urban centres, the rapid urbanization, accelerating industrialization, improper final disposal of solid wastes and weak enforcement of the Law on Environmental Protection and Development. There is a critical need for improved municipal and industrial waste & wastewater treatments.

Across the countries in the Greater Mekong region, this problem is becoming more acute. There is a lack of landfill sites, a lack of hazardous waste disposal facility, a lack of understanding of proper agricultural waste management, a lack of efficient management of municipal solid waste.

The Greater Mekong Waste Management Summit 2013 is your platform to discuss the problems, challenges, solutions & opportunities in handling & managing all waste streams including:

Municipal Waste
Industrial Waste
Agriculture Waste
Hazardous Waste
E Waste
Healthcare Waste

A crucial part of this Summit is the showcase of innovative technologies, expertise & services.

Who Will Be Attending?

•      Environmental Technology Companies •      Industrial Estates Developers
•      Ministry of Environment / Urban Planning / Housing / Health •      Waste to Energy companies
•      Local Governments, Municipalities & City Councils •      Environmental Science & Technology Advisors
•      Engineering Companies •      Leasing Companies
•      Research Institutes & Universities •      Financial Institutions
•      Waste Management & Disposal Companies •      Recycling Operators
•      All generators of waste ( agricultural companies, food & beverage, hospitals, electronics manufactures, industrial facilities etc)  

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