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Supporting Organizations:
Ghana's Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MLNR) is the Ministry entrusted with the sustainable management and utilization of Ghana's lands, forests, wildlife and mineral resources for socio-economic growth and development. This is achieved through the efficient formulation, implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programs of sector agencies; efficient and equitable land delivery; promotion of sustainable forest, wildlife and mineral resource management and utilization; promotion of effective inter-agency and cross-sectoral linkages; creation of an enabling environment for effective private sector participation; and promotion of effective community participation in multiple use of land, forest wildlife and mineral resources.

Ghana's Minerals Commission is a government agency established under Article 269 of the 1992 Constitution and the Minerals Commission Act. As the main promotional and regulatory body for the minerals sector in Ghana, the Minerals Commission is responsible for "the regulation and management of the utilization of the mineral resources of Ghana and the coordination and implementation of policies relating to mining. It also ensures compliance with Ghana's Mining and Mineral Laws and Regulation through effective monitoring.

The Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC) is the leading business organization in Liberia representing the interests of the private sector. Established in 1951, its membership comprises over 300 top companies and business associations. The LCC is dedicated to being the most representative business association and authoritative voice of the private sector, and the lead advocate for reforms that contribute to the creation of an enabling and conducive environment for commerce, industry, trade and agriculture. The Chamber also focuses on building the capacity of the private sector as well as promoting commerce, industry, trade, and agriculture. The LCC is committed to best practices in all aspects of doing business, including but not limited to integrity, respect for human rights, gender equality, corporate governance, and environmental sustainability.

The Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhIE) was formed in 1968 to advance the science and the profession of engineering to the benefit of society. Pursuant to this, the GhIE has been mandated by government through NRCD 143 to establish and manage a register of engineers qualified to practice in Ghana. Among the GhIE's objectives are: to secure the maintenance of professional standards among persons who are members of the Institution and to take such steps as may be necessary to acquaint such persons with the methods, procedures and practices necessary to such standards; and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas relating to or concerning engineering science and practice.

The Botswana Chamber of Mines is an organization established more than twenty years ago to serve the interests of mining and exploration companies together with associated industries. The Chamber comprises four committees - Safety, Environmental, Health, and Training - and has a total of twenty members of different level of participation. A non-governmental organization which depends on funding from its members, the Chamber functions from an established secretariat with only a CEO based in Gaborone. The other five executive committee members are drawn from among the industry leaders through an election process at an annual general meeting. The organization is determined to influence policy that would ensure sustainability and prosperity of the mining industry, which remains the main driver of economic activity in the country and is forecasted to sustain the economy further into the future.

The Geological Society of Africa (GSAf) was established in 1973 to encourage geoscientific collaboration and cooperation across the continent. Its main objectives are: to promote understanding of the earth sciences and improve standards of earth science education and research in Africa; to provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of information across national boundaries between scientists, associations and institutions engaged in African geology and earth resources; to promote the development and sustainable management of the continent's earth resources, to advance its socio-economic development; and to improve natural hazards assessment and disaster mitigation. The GSAf is aimed particularly at practicing earth scientists and companies working in Africa and others with interests in African geology and related subjects, including training, development and environmental issues.

Media Partners:
Goldletter International is a premier, independent information source on investing in the worldwide gold sector, publishing Special Region Reports and reports on individual companies featured as a Special Situation. Since 2005, Uraniumletter International started covering the uranium industry. In September 2010 Goldletter International started covering the rare earth metals industry with a new publication Rare Earth Elements Letter International. Goldletter European Forums and Uraniumletter European Forums inform the professional financial community in Europe about attractive investment opportunities in worldwide gold and uranium mining.

Tradelink Publications Ltd publishes Mining World, a bi-monthly journal for the mineral extraction industries; Coal International, a bi-monthly publication for the coal mining industry also printed in the Chinese, Polish and Russian language to coincide with exhibitions in those countries; and the International Guide to the Coalfields, an annual directory of coal mines worldwide. Tradelink Publications is represented at major mining exhibitions around the world, and its publications have been supporting the mining industry for over 100 years.

For over a decade, African Energy has been the definitive publication analyzing and breaking news on Africa's energy industries, with a strong focus on the personalities shaping the continent's energy future, and a firm understanding of the political risk issues that concern established operators, new entrants and financial sector investors. Through independent, investigative reporting, African Energy delivers incisive and outspoken analysis in perspectives undistorted by advertising, third-party media or government communication channels. The depth with which subjects are treated means that African Energy has a long shelf-life and is held as a source of record and learning by governments, corporations, and leading academic institutions and industry bodies.

African Mining Brief is a bi-monthly magazine for the mining industry, incorporating quarrying, oil exploration and drilling; and other large scale extractive operations aimed at the discovery, extraction, storage, transport, sale and utilization of Africa's mineral wealth and resources. It boasts of a targeted, well-researched and insightful editorial content that offers readers and advertisers a unique interactive forum to exchange information and gain favorable insight into the entirety of the mining industry.

With an international readership of investors and mining executives, Mining Leaders offers in-depth analysis of the political and economic trends that impact the mining sector around the world. Each annual report, researched and compiled by an in-country field team over several months, focuses on the news and developments of a single mining jurisdiction. The reports include exclusive interviews with industry leaders and profiles of key projects and companies.

Bullion Bulletin (BB) is a comprehensive magazine that disseminates market information on bullion markets, focusing on issues concerning refining, ETF, bullion market sentiments, outlook, policy issues, futures, etc. BB is a joint initiative of the Bombay Bullion Association (BBA) and Foretell Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore-based commodity research and advisory firm that co-organizes the annual India International Gold Convention. BB reaches out to both the Indian and global audience on the strengths of BBA and the expertise of Foretell.

Inside Mining carries topical features on mining and exploration in Africa and the rest of the world. The publication's use of leading industry experts provides a unique and authoritative voice, making it a highly sought-after source of industry information. Its partner website carries unique and original content with a focus on general news, projects, service and equipment.

Partners & Supporters

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