Program Highlights:

Issues to be Addressed at the Summit:

Overview of the current status, opportunities and targets for solar energy generation in Sub-Saharan Africa from Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia etc.
Hear about the Solar energy roadmap from active and emerging African countries
Find out the feed-in tariffs, the net-metering debate, incentives and policies to attract solar developments
Insightful case studies of successful projects in the region and case studies of small scale solar energy projects
Risk mitigation and management strategies plus learn what other investors are looking for when investing into solar energy
Creating a competitive IPP program and PPA structuring for solar energy producers and Investment, financing and partnership models
Rural electrification and mini grids case studies and evaluation
Solar, grid and energy storage reliability and sustainability
Industrial applications of solar energy
  • Agriculture
  • Oil recovery
  • Telecommunication
  • Hospital / Medical / Public facilities
  • Practical applications of the latest battery and energy storage innovations for Africa
    Energy storage applications to create a more resilient and efficient grid
    Role of energy storage in stepping up clean energy initiatives
    How electricity markets can evolve to reward energy storage
    How to maximize investment in energy storage
    Technical issues in sustaining energy storage and combining effectively with other RE sources
    Energy Storage for Rural electrification