Issues to be addressed at this Summit:

Risk Mitigation, Latest Developments, New Trade Opportunities & Political Risks in the Asia Pacific region, going forward
G-20's new US$2 trillion investment & trade boost over the next 5 years and impact on Emerging Market Currency Volatility, US post-Quantitative Easing Calibration & impact on trade and investment flows in Asia. How Asian growth economies differentiate themselves from other emerging markets? Managing declining liquidity
Resilience of Asian economies with a possible Emerging Markets contagion subsiding? Are Asian economies really decoupled from other emerging markets?
Myanmar's continuing banking & insurance reform and new Opportunities:
        • The new Tender for the entry of new Foreign Banks in the Myanmar marketplace
        • Wholesale banking, trade finance opportunities for foreign banks in Myanmar
        • The development and promotion for credit insurance expertise in Myanmar insurance
        • Response & reaction by Myanmar banks to the new challenges
        • Myanmar's latest foreign investment legal reforms: new opportunities, foreign investors' rights, addressing new threats
        • Mitigating foreign/US bankers' concerns: the new Myanmar Anti-Money Laundering Act
        • Overcoming Myanmar's energy crunch: how foreign business operational risks can be assuaged?
        • Myanmar political risks: is the 2015 presidential elections and leadership change a concern?
Meeting the increasing demand for trade finance and insurance solutions in Myanmar
The development of the future Myanmar capital market. Fund Raising for Myanmar Corporate
The upskilling of trade finance bankers and trade credit insurers in Myanmar. Improving credit analysis skills in Myanmar. Structuring new commodity trade deals. Managing FX challenges by Myanmar bankers & traders.
Trade Credit as a new business for Myanmar banks & insurers. Can strategic correspondent relations & partnership with foreign banks & insurers be formed with their Myanmar counterparts?
How Myanmar banks and insurance companies can strategize for the new opportunities and challenges ahead
The challenging role of Export Credit Agencies in the Asia marketplace
The challenging role of trade credit insurers and reinsurers in Asia
What are the major trade-related risks in the Asia Pacific region?
What opportunities are presented for companies expanding into the region?
How are banks in Asia responding to a possible declining liquidity and new issues aggravating this?
Trade flows in the region and the demand for credit insurance
The prohibitive cost of US dollar financing, the outflow of private capital from the region to home markets in the West & how these can impact the availability of capital and financing in Asia
What are the new trade finance opportunities in Asia? Can Structured Trade Finance & Financial Supply Chain solutions work?
Financing new infrastructure projects in Asia & in Myanmar: Trade Credit & Project Finance Demand Focus on:
        • Electricity Generation, Distribution & Transmission
        • Transportation projects: rail, ports, roads
        • Telecom, satellite & ICT infrastructure projects
        • Agricultural infrastructure projects
        • Oil/Gas/Refinery/Petrochemical projects
        • Special economic zone infrastructure
        • Healthcare infrastructure
        • Mining infrastructure
        • Shipping sector
        Special Focus: Oil & Gas Insurance and Finance Opportunities in Asia & Myanmar
        Special Focus: Mining Insurance and Finance Opportunities in Asia & Myanmar
Risks and rewards of adopting multi-bank trade finance solutions in Asia
How can Export Credit Agencies and government agencies in Asia co-operate with the private insurance market to facilitate more trade and investments in Asia?
New acquisition opportunities in various industry sectors in Asia & in emerging markets
The return of Trade Receivables Securitisation, minus the derivative element, as a New Funding Tool?

Emerging Markets Central Bankers' Forum: Liquidity Management, Dealing with potential credit bubbles & currency risks, Monetary Policy and Financing Growth Challenges
Asia Pacific/Myanmar/Emerging Markets Bankers Forum: Managing currency volatility, declining liquidity, default risks & asset/liability management challenges
Global/Regional ECAs & Insurers Forum: How will the regional trade credit market likely to develop, in the wake of the emerging market crunch?
Asia/Middle East/Myanmar Finance Managers Forum: Managing capital raising challenges in the new era. Trade finance for new deals. Managing forex challenges