About the Summit

Myanmar is now the last of the Southeast Asian countries, except for Brunei, to establish a stock exchange, the YSX. The new Yangon Stock Exchange is expected to start its operations later this year. At the same time, newly-licensed foreign banks are beginning wholesale lending operations from Q2 2015. The recent opening of Myanmar's economy has generated strong investor interest in Asia's last untapped frontier market.

The country's banking and insurance systems are undergoing restructuring continually. Efforts are also underway to boost international business confidence in the kyat - the Myanmar currency. Myanmar's insurance sector has also introduced new credit insurance into its product range. Both Myanmar's banking and insurance sectors are investing in IT infrastructure, and with the onset of the new Yangon Stock Exchange, massive investments in the stock exchange IT architecture and settlement systems are in the offing. In addition, the new Anti-Money Laundering Act adds more confidence to the integrity of an improving financial system.

With an existing 80 or more registered public companies in Myanmar, there is no lack of applicants for initial public offerings with the upcoming YSX. The challenges, though, are very real: What constitutes a quality candidate? Will high capitalization and a proven track record of profitability be good enough for public listing on the new stock exchange? Where are the qualified securities underwriters, dealers, brokers and analysts? 60 or more newly set-up securities outfits - including those with foreign partners - have so far bid for the coveted securities service provider licences to be issued in April 2015.

With the enactment of the Securities and Exchange Law at end August 2014, Myanmar has laid the foundation for the development of an active stock market. For an exchange with enough liquidity to succeed, a whole system including infrastructure, market participants and listed companies has to emerge.

This Summit intends to prepare the country for this happy eventuality. At the same time, foreign investments in Myanmar and also Myanmar-foreign joint ventures can also tap on a ready source of finance for working capital, trade deals or projects, even as the newly-licensed nine foreign banks start to introduce corporate finance, banking and trade finance services in a few weeks time.

To help speed-up economic growth and foreign investments, the Myanmar Companies Act and Myanmar Investment Code are now currently being updated, harmonised to provide more clarity and protection for the foreign investor. Finally, the Export-Import Bank of the United States has opened for business in Myanmar, paving the way for sovereign lending to facilitate US export credit sales on terms up to five years in repayment!

Besides providing new and alternative channels of funding, moving forward, this Summit also emphasizes the importance of financial/corporate governance, risk management, structuring JVs and business partnerships, showcasing successful experience and strategies in meeting the challenges for companies operating in Myanmar and the region.

A unique and differentiated conference through the use of a multiple executive roundtables approach - whether you are a "buyer" or "seller" of finance - the Myanmar Corporate Finance International Summit 2015 provides the singular platform for you to meet and exchange information and solutions with potential partners, financiers and investors!

Who will Attend the Summit?

Myanmar's and Asia's many financial decision makers, central bankers, securities regulators, regional bourses' leaders and, corporate leaders of Myanmar's leading state companies and private sector enterprises will grace this Summit together with senior Management and decision makers from international and regional banks, insurance, securities companies, investors, investment corporations, project developers, commodity traders, energy sources providers and real estate companies from Myanmar and the Asia Pacific region.