Program Highlights

Speakers' Presentations include:

•      Incentives and Assistance for Foreign Investors in Peru's Economy, Including the Mining and Metallurgy Sectors
•      Bolivia: High Returns for Those Willing to Compromise
•      Colombia & Case Study of a Successful Mining Investment and Operation in Latin America
•      Risk Management in Latin America Mining Investments & Operations
•      Gold Outlook & Investments
•      The Demand Factor: Precious Metals Trading in the Americas
•      Profiting from the Smartphone & Mobile Revolution: The Quest for Lithium
•      The Silver Sector: Market Challenges & Opportunities
•      Latin America Mining Majors & Juniors Forum: Surviving the Competition & Economic Slowdown, Cash Flow Challenges, Market Demand & " The Black Swan" & Finding New Customers
•      Monetizing the Mining Value Chain: New Minerals Beneficiation Programmes in Latin America
•      Artisan Mining, Illegal Mining, Mine Safety and Environmental Regulations & Impact in Peru
•      Advances in Satellite, Aerophotogrammetric Technologies in Mining Geological Imaging
•      Innovations in Surface and Underground Technologies: Applications in Latin America Mining
•      Towards Improved Mine Management & Productivity: Introducing Wireless Communication, Cloud Computing & Data Networks in Latin American Mines

Plus Panel Discussions on:

•      The Latest Developments in Regulatory Policies in Mining in South America
•      Legal framework, Mining-friendly Jurisdiction, Royalties, Concession Negotiations, Force Majeure, Fiscal Regimes, Dispute Resolution in Latin America Mining
•      Meeting China's Demand of Copper, Iron Ore and other Metals
•      Structuring Finance, Fund Raising, Cash Flow Management, Risks & Return in Latin America Mining
•      The Critical Importance of Development Projects for Indigenous People, Community Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility for Successful Start-up & Production of Mining Operations in Latin America
•      Developing a Strong Mining Infrastructure for Latin America: Updates on Mine to Port Railway Developments, Dry Bulk Handling in Latin America Ports, Power for Mines & Metallurgy Industries