About the Summit

Latin America is Now the Primary Destination for Mining Exploration Investment in the World!

Are You Ready to Capitalize on the Boom?

Over the next five to ten years, more than $425 billion in investments have already been announced, with a focus on Chile, Peru and Colombia, from such companies as BHP Billiton, Xstrata and Rio Tinto, among others.

Mining Hotspots:

Peru US$56 billion of mining investment is expected to go into Peru by 2020 - 2nd largest producer of copper and 3rd largest recipient of foreign investment in mining projects. Modernization of plants and professionalization of operators has allowed Peru to secure an important place in the global mining map. 94% of mining investments go to Copper, Gold, Iron and Zinc. China is the largest foreign investor in Peru mining projects - at US$10,600 million in 2012, representing 20% of the total foreign investment in the country - followed by the USA (US$,8947 million), Canada (US$6,787 million) and Australia (US$4,670 million).
Chile US$75 billion of mining investment into Chile by 2020 - the largest producer of copper in the world where 1/3 of copper reserves of the world are in Chile.
Mexico Currently 70% of its territories are suitable to continue locating world class minerals deposits. More than 700 explorations projects are underway. Mexico is now the 6th best destination for mine prospecting.
Colombia US$22 billion of new mining investments expected by 2020. 5th largest global coal exporter and 1st Latin America producer, together with other metals: gold, silver, and platinum.
Argentina 2.3KM2 with geological potential for mining developments. More than 600 projects are currently in operations. An estimated US$10 billion will be invested in Argentina's mining sector.
All facilitating favorable conditions to make mining attractive to foreign investments, such as developing stable regulations and promoting proper legal environments.

Currently, the region produces 45% of global copper production, 50% silver, 26% molybdenum, 21% zinc and 20% gold. Latin America is attracting 25% of global investments in mining.

We Invite You to Explore these Opportunities and Find Out How Best to Conduct Your Mining Operations in Latin America at LatAMin 2013.

The region is fraught with challenges: socio-environmental issues, electricity supply, water supply, inadequate transport infrastructures, conflicts with the communities and local political problems posed challenges for all mining operators.

These issues will be addressed at this Summit, together with the latest updates on mining law, policies and taxation - all participants will get a better understanding on the efforts from public and private initiatives to make Latin America the global pit and reliable supplier.

Why Attend?

Get the Facts & the Reality!

•      What are the new mining laws, regulatory policies and concessions?
•      Where is the best jurisdiction to do mining in Latin America?
•      How to enhance mining competitiveness & reduce operational costs?
•      How to tackle the challenges of power supply, water supply & infrastructural constraints?
•      How to mitigate the risks of resource nationalism?
•      What are the top mining risks in Latin America?
•      What is the true geological potential of Latin America and its unexplored territories with high mineral deposits?
•      What financial recourse is available to finance mining projects in Latin America?

Who Should Attend?

•      Senior & Junior Mining Companies •      Law Firms
•      Geologists •      Merchant Banks
•      Economists •      Mining Software Technology Providers
•      Investment & Financing Firms •      Mining & Metals Consultants and Traders
•      Project Financers •      Mining Machinery & Equipment Producers
•      Mining Ministries, Mineral Commission & Regulators •      Fund Management Companies
•      Consulting Companies •      Industry Associations
•      Stock Exchanges and Commodity Exchanges

This is a Not-to-be-Missed Event for All:

•      Presidents, CEOs, COOs, MDs, GMs, Director Generals •      Project Directors & Managers
•      Chief Finance Officers •      Contract Managers
•      Heads of Business Development •      Legal Officers & Contract Administrators
•      Mining Directors & Managers •      Exploration Managers
•      Regional Sales Directors & Managers •      Drilling Operations Managers
•      Procurement & Mining Logistics Managers •      Heads of Research
•      Heads of External Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility •      Acquisitions Managers
•      Heads of Human Resources •      Tax Directors & Managers
•      Evaluation Geologists •      Laboratory Managers
•      Project Geologists •      Environmental Services Managers
•      Mineral Resource Managers •      Technical Managers

LatAMin 2013 Unites Mining Companies with Investors and Government Officials to Explore the Latest Projects and Development Opportunities Across the Latin American Region.