About the Conference

mHealth • Sensors • Wearable Systems • IoT • 3D Printing
Robotics • Augmented Reality

Various studies have repeatedly forecast and verify the tremendous proliferation of mHealth over the coming decades. When people at all times have their mobile phones within arm's reach, mHealth apps running on these devices will prove extremely valuable and accessible in helping to prevent and treat a wide range of health conditions. Internet of Things, embedding intelligent processors into almost every possible thing especially in a wide range of devices related to health and fitness, will continue to grow. It is inevitable that Internet-informed patients will become more active partners in the promotion of their health in partnership with their health care providers.

Correspondingly, the market for wearable body sensors that capture continuous physiological data streams will become widely available substantially. Personal health applications fixed to clothes or beneath the skin sending back constant streams of data to medical centers are enabling real-time alerts or diagnoses; telemedicine and home automation solutions will offer higher quality healthcare and enable elderly people to stay at home longer; Google Glass is changing the operating theater; a range of new medical robotic devices will be interfaced to Health IT (HIT) systems; and the list goes on.

Are you catching up with the new trends in healthcare?

What are the game changing advances that will contribute significantly to medical decisions and treatment? What are the proven models for mhealth success? What are the privacy and security concerns as personal health data becomes easily accessible? What are the challenges and concerns when Health Information Exchange (HIE) networks interfaced with those used in other Industries, e.g. banking, security, manufacturing, pharma?

The 5th mHealth & Wearable Technology 2015 Summit brings together some of the key industry movers and shakers & provide a glimpse of how the latest technology ingenuity is changing the face of healthcare worldwide.

A Must-Attend Summit for All Healthcare and Technology Providers:

•      To engage international and regional stakeholders & learn from the region's best practices in the digital healthcare deployment
•      To raise current practiced standards and devise a world-class technological strategy to drive healthcare transformation.
•      To identify the use of wireless technology to improve health outcomes, reduce costs and create a new paradigm in health care delivery
•      To find out what healthcare professionals are implementing in hospitals and clinics around the world
•      To meet a diverse audience of healthcare and technology leaders from healthcare providers to mobile network operators to solution providers to health officials in government, academia and not-for-profit organizations.

Who Will Be Attending?

•      Healthcare Providers •      Telecommunication Service providers
•      Hospitals/ Clinicians •      Medical technology innovators
•      Pharmaceuticals companies •      Software vendors
•      Medical device manufacturers •      Mobile application developers
•      Regulators •      Technology solution providers
•      Academic/ Research •      Medical associations
•      mHealth Solution Providers •      Consultants
•      Hospitals/ clinicians •      Medical insurance personnel
•      Health-related interest groups