Program Highlights

Critical Issues to be Discussed Include:

•      Myanmar Financial Regulations , Licenses , Latest Initiatives and Projects
•      Analysis of Pain Points in Successful Deployment of Agent Banking such as Distribution, Technology, Education and End User mentalities
•      Building and Managing a Large Agent Network as the Lynchpin to Success in Digital Finance
•      Operational pillars of success for agent network management
•      Issues in Technology, Payments and Interoperability in a Fragmented Marketplace Especially for Emerging Economies
•      Analysing the Potential of Financial Inclusion and the Significance of Agent Banking to Increase Access to Banking Services Plus the Role of Microfinance Institutions
•      Customer Convenience as a Critical Success Factor and Centrepiece in Implementation plus Building Trust in End Users
•      Execution of Agent Banking initiatives in Emerging Countries with Limited ICT Infrastructure
•      Strategic Shifts: Moving from quantity to quality considerations
•      Analysing Management Structures: Master Agents, Aggregators & Super Agents
•      Liquidity & Float Management: Streamlining efficiency for broad geographies
•      Monitoring & Support: Managing the health of your agent network
•      Data Analytics: Managing the numbers for advanced & large agency deployments
•      Merchant Payments & Transactions: Going beyond cash-in / cash-out models
•      Developing Partnerships Between Different Stakeholders such as Regulators, Banks, Telcos & fintech startups
•      Realistic Assessment of Financial Technologies Opportunities for Myanmar's financial institutions
•      How FinTech Startups will Disrupt the Financial Landscape of Myanmar & Other Emerging Countries