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Driving Revenue & Relationships in Emerging Markets

According to a forecast made by eMarketer, worldwide B2C eCommerce transactions for 2015 are expected to rise 15.6% from a year earlier to US$1.7 trillion and the Asia-Pacific region is expected to account for 33.4% of global transactions.

Specifically, emerging markets in Southeast Asia in the recent years saw some of the largest injection of financial capital in eCommerce, with US$500 million investment into MatahariMall; US$249 million into SingPost; US$100 million into Tokopedia and US$250 million into Lazada. According to Tech in Asia, investors poured over half a billion dollars into Southeast Asian e-commerce start-ups in 2013-more than 90% of all publicly disclosed investments in Southeast Asian internet start-ups that year.

eCommerce markets in Asia are experiencing exponential growth and is driving tremendous expansion and need for comprehensive logistics capabilities and networks. The reality today is consumers are ordering online across the globe & skyrocketing demand for products has put enormous strain on transport, storage, and distribution networks in these emerging markets. These challenges often translate to complications for e-commerce companies looking to do business in emerging countries but it also means that the supply chain side of the eCommerce has large potential for growth.

The Emerging Asia eCommerce & Supply Chain Conference recognises the growth of the next generation mobile wave and the critical need for supply chain infrastructure to cope with the growth. Supply chain, like payments, is an area of focus for eCommerce companies in Asia. Overloaded transit infrastructure is another area of critical concern as in some cases the physical geography of the region poses an inherent challenge for logistics. Traffic in urban hubs like Bangkok and Jakarta is slowing down delivery times while remote areas, by contrast, is challenging the development of a cost effective fulfilment system to put products in the hand of people who stay at the rural areas. The same operationally and profitability challenges double when the delivery comes with a free return policy. Other bottlenecks exacerbate the issue include a lack of warehouse readiness, inefficient last-mile delivery, and cross-border customs processes.

As eCommerce grows, eCommerce companies must ensure that logistics does not hinder expansion and profitability. Investing in the technology and cooperating with the right partners to provide a seamless product distribution will be a core differentiator for brand success.

The Emerging Asia eCommerce & Supply Chain Conference is a strategic platform for participants to get the latest update on investment, key trends and development on eCommerce and fulfilment industries as well as to gain competitive advantages by tapping on the business and partnership opportunities in developing cost effective eCommerce supply chain to serve the growing market.

Who should attend?

•      eCommerce Companies •      Consumer Products manufacturers
•      Retailers & Merchants •      Storage Facility
•      Fulfilments & Distribution Centers •      Technology and Solutions Providers
•      3PL & Warehouse Companies •      Equipment System Providers
•      National Postal Agencies •      Financial Institutions
•      Courier & Delivery Companies •      Retail Banking
•      Airlines/Hospitality Companies •      Mobile Network Operators
•      Online Shopping Portals •      Consulting Firms
•      Digital Marketing Companies

We invite you to join us at the
Emerging Asia E-Commerce & Supply Chain Conference 2015
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