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About the Summit

Undoubtedly, the East and Central region of Africa has risen to prominence as an investment destination over the past few years fuelled by the growing demand for its vast raw materials and commodities. With the abundance of oil, gas, and mineral resources and significant opportunities for agricultural expansion, the role of transportation and logistics has taken on greater significance on moving resources off the continent or bringing goods and services into its emerging economies.

The sustainability of East and Central Africa's future growth and development will depend on the quality of its infrastructure and the efficiency of its supply chain and logistics networks.

The European Union reports that shipping costs at Dar es Salaam are among the highest in the world. Currently, the cost of using the port is 24% higher than other port facilities in sub-Saharan Africa because of delays in cargo handling, as it suffers from significant capacity constraints - caused by high traffic growth and poor backward linkages with inland transport networks - and congestion.

In the 2014 report on the Logistics Performance Index of 160 countries by the World Bank, the region scored poorly on the ground efficiency of trade supply chain, with Kenya scoring at 74th, Zambia at 123rd, Tanzania at 138th and DRC at 159th.

Efforts are underway to improve the situation including:

•      A $16-million Logistics Innovation for Trade (LIFT) fund for East Africa was launched to reduce the region's logistics and transport costs through innovative solutions.
•      Tanzania has started to implement the Pre-Arrival Declaration (PAD) System, an electronic submission system for customs declarations to promote trade and to improve the business environment generally.
•      The Port of Dar es Salaam is due to be expanded at a cost of US$400-US$650million. Other port projects include the construction of new ports at Bagamoyo, Mwambani in Tanga, Kilwa and Mtwara in the South, Malindi in Zanzibar and Musoma, situated on Lake Victoria.
•      Kenya is developing a new container terminal and once the final phase has been completed (by 2019), the new facility will have added 1.2 million TEUs to Mombasa's capacity.
•      Kenya is also looking to develop a new mega port project in the north of the country at Lamu that will include a 10-berth container terminal, three bulk cargo terminals and an oil terminal. The port will serve as the maritime entry point to the Lamu Port- Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor, which will include rail, road, oil pipeline and fibre-optic cable connections with South Sudan and Ethiopia.

The East & Central Africa Supply Chain & Logistics Summit 2014 is about:

•      Bringing together the key players from the supply chain and logistics ecosystem
•      Maximizing East & Central African shipping and trading logistics efficiency
•      Overcoming the challenges of cargo handling, cross border custom management, poor port capacity, port congestions and raising transportation cost
•      Exploring potential business partnership and opportunities
•      Streamlining the supply chain flow to increase performance in agricultural, oil & gas and mining logistics
•      Identifying infrastructure and investment needs to improve the East & Central African supply chain and logistics efficiency

Key Summit Highlights:

•      Latest updates on rail, roads and ports hubs for agriculture, mining and energy transshipment.
•      What are the new initiatives to enhance agricultural and oil and gas logistics
•      Applying strategic inventory control: just-in-time stock management
•      Warehousing receipt financing: gaining the most out of the commodities
•      Supply chain finance: managing the cash flow and raising capital to ensure the deals can be transacted
•      Attracting private sector investment into East and Central African maritime sector: ship-to-port-to-road/rail
•      Improving border management to increase trade competitiveness.
•      Quality certification, tallying and customs management for exports
•      Opportunities in supply chain management in industrial mineral exploration, processing, production and export
•      Case Study: Improving the recurring Mombasa port congestion

Summit Speakers:

•      Silas Kanamugire, Director, Trade Facilitation/ Transport, TradeMark East Africa
•      Stephano Kingazi, CEO, Tanzania Farmers Association; Managing Director, Microphas Investment
•      Morisho Berthe, OGEFREM Rep & DRC Commercial Attache, OGEFREM Office of Intermodal Freight Management
•      Captain Patrick Musoke, Lead Consultant & Project Manager, Great Lakes Port, Kenya
•      Daniel Charles, Managing Director, Kilimo Markets, Tanzania
•      John Mathenge, Executive Director, Federation of East African Freight Forwarders Associations (FEAFFA)
•      Archie Mgondah, Former Secretary General, Intergovernmental Standing Committee on Shipping (ISCOS), Kenya
•      Ramadhan Sawaka, Secretary General, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)
•      Mohammed Mabuyu, Logistics Manager, World Food Programme

Who Should Attend?

•      Shipping •      warehouse owners
•      cargo owners •      shipping lines
•      freight forwarders •      logistics companies
•      importers •      exporters
•      port authorities •      terminal operating companies
•      trade and logistics executives from shippers •      express delivery services providers and container terminal equipment and services suppliers.

Event Target Market Profile


One of the major shortcomings of supply chain & logistics in Africa is the inadequate or non-existence of integrated roads and rail networks to the ports and within the few countries among the region. In order to achieve better logistics efficiency, the transport infrastructure has been indispensable to the regional supply chain and logistics development. Hear about the latest transport infrastructure updates on priority projects, investment, partnership & procurement opportunities at our 5th East and Central Africa Roads & Rail Infrastructure Summit 2014:

• Latest roads and rail investment programs and projects in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan & DRC.
• Key drivers of transport capacity planning & procurement opportunities
• Viable infrastructure investment & financing models
• Mobilising private operators investment in existing projects.
• PPPs governance framework
• Recommendations on new traffic management, transport systems & operations for East & Central Africa
• Regulatory framework to ensure transportation projects' efficiency

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