About the Summit

Myanmar's burgeoning mobile market expanded to at least 18.1 million active users by the end of March 2015, more than double the figure reported a year ago.

2 new foreign telecom operators are now operating in Myanmar, and reported profitably, even in their first year of operation. The incumbent Myanmar operator is in partnership with a major Japanese telco, and a top Myanmar ISP and a state CDMA operator are currently undergoing restructuring with view to enter the expanding Myanmar mobile market. New NFS I licences have been awarded, and equipment & services companies are pro-offered abundant procurement opportunities. With an insatiable demand for goods & new services by a mobile-savvy market, Myanmar's demand for VAS is expected to boom soon! At the same time, the telecom, ICT and satellite sectors in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, which have more developed markets, are also upgrading and diversifying their value chains. The opportunities now abound for upgrades in infrastructure, networking and many other services and product offerings in these countries! New initiatives in the satellite sector in these countries are in the offing. The advent of OTTs would also impact the broadband TV sector.

Foreign investments in both the telecom and ICT sectors are welcome in this region, and more new market openings are expected. New operators will be allowed to offer mobile connections, fixed line services, IT and Internet offerings. Governments are also feverishly rolling out new e-Government services. Indeed, the need for upgrading internet/ICT infrastructure is urgent, and the demand for cloud computing, big data analytics for enterprises in all industries and in government is so urgent and huge! Not leaving behind the rest of the world, interest in 5G standardization and eventual adoption in countries such as Vietnam and Thailand, is also on the way!

Communications Myanmar/IndoChina 2015 Summit is specially convened to provide industry stakeholders with the latest market updates, new connectivity opportunities and challenges and probe the multitude of exciting telecoms and satellite projects are in the pipeline.

Who Should Attend?

•      Communication Authorities •      ICT Solution Providers
•      Carriers •      OEMs
•      ISPS •      Telecom Infrastructure Providers
•      Mobile Operators •      Vas Designers
•      Satcoms •      APIS
•      Network Service Providers •      Enterprise Users
•      Datacom Service Providers

Join us at the Communications Myanmar/IndoChina 2015 Summit and gain from a wealth of learning and networking opportunities, new services & initiatives announcements & forge new Telecom Strategic Alliances.

The only place where you will get first hand insights on this fast evolving region hungry for new innovations and technology link up!