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The 6th West & Central Africa Mining Summit & Expo is now known as the 6th WaCA MINING 2013!

WaCA Mining unites mining companies with investors and government officials to explore the latest projects and development opportunities across the West & Central African region:
the No. 1 mining business industry event!

The phenomenal mineral wealth of the region has seen a rush of new investments and projects. The area contains some of the world's largest untapped high-grade iron ore and gold deposits.

West & Central Africa's Mining Facts:

Ghana is the 2nd largest producer of gold in Sub-Saharan Africa and its gold production is on the rise with more investments expected to be poured into the country.
Burkina Faso has attracted 17 mining operators, extracting mostly gold resources.
Nigeria is back on the mining map with current exploration results indicating over a trillion tonnes of coal and rare earth metals such as lanthanum, cerium, neodymium and yttrium, as well as oil sands.
Sierra Leone is currently drafting legislation to ensure that the mining sector pays higher royalties at a time of skyrocketed prices. The country is rich in rutile, diamonds, bauxite, gold, iron ore and platinum. Its Tonkolili mine is expected to produce 40mntpa (million tonnes per annum) of iron ore by 2014 abetted by the completion of the Bumbuna hydroelectric dam, thus overcoming the country's power shortages.
Mali is the 3rd largest gold producer in Africa, also possessing substantial deposits of iron, phosphate, marble, granite. The Government has introduced an attractive mining code and incentives to stimulate mining activities following the last coup.
    Both Liberia's and Cote d'Ivoire's mining sectors are set for rapid growth.
Niger's minerals portfolio comprises some of the world's most prized minerals (including gold and uranium).
Gabon manganese production is expected to reach 5.1 million tonnes in 2012, compared to 2 million tonnes in 2009.
Guinea is set to become one of the world's largest iron ore producers, with iron ore production expected to expand to over 115 mntpa by 2016. Guinea's bauxite sector is also set to grow significantly, and is likely to propel the country to become the world's 3rd largest bauxite miner by 2015. The President has recently announced the Government plans to increase state ownership of mines from 15-33% while also raising taxes.
The Central African Republic has 470 different types of minerals, of which most untapped. Major commodities that are currently mined are: diamonds, gold, uranium (Areva). Deposits of iron ore, manganese and even copper remain untouched. The potential for hydro-energy is present and in the north-east oil was found. Once the country, with only 4.5 million inhabitants, produces up to 1 million barrels of crude oil per day... the economy - including the extractive industry - will emerge from the heart of the continent.

107 active mines in West Africa! As compared to 69 in Eastern Sub-Saharan Africa, 49 in Southern Africa, and 39 in Western Sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa is endowed with almost all the minerals in the world today, accounting for about 59% of the world's platinum; 62% of its aluminum silicate; more than 50% of all vanadiumites and vermiculites; more than 50% of diamonds, palladia and chromites and more than 20% of gold, uranium, cobalt and manganese - mostly found in the western and central regions.

There are tremendous opportunities for small mining companies to participate in the West & Central Africa minerals rush. Existing players have been accelerating their expansion and ramping-up their near-term production activities at mining properties in West & Central Africa. Be a part of this rush in the new frontiers!

What's New at the 6th WaCA Mining Summit & Expo?

•      Latest country specific sessions on Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Gabon and Congo
•      Exhibition extended to provide space for 100 mining companies to showcase their projects and growth prospects
•      Dedicated sessions focusing on gold and iron ore
•      Cocktail Reception at Day 1
•      Pre-Summit Masterclasses

WaCA Mining 2013 is About:

•      Identifying the key interest areas relevant to your business
•      Discovering mining-favored countries for investment and exploration opportunities
•      Highlighting how to raise capital for exploration and expansion
•      Bringing explorers and producers together to overcome business risks, sovereign risks, and tenement risks, as well as other practical risk issues associated with African mining operations
•      Understanding how to build relationships with regional government ministries
•      Networking with decision-makers at the highest level
•      Offering the largest gathering of investors focused on the mining sector in West & Central Africa

Who Should Attend?

•      Senior & Junior Mining Companies •      Geologists
•      Investment & Financing Firms •      Project Finance Managers
•      Government & Regulators •      Consulting Companies
•      Stock Exchanges and Commodity Exchanges •      Law Firms
•      Merchant Banks •      Mining Software Technology Providers
•      Mining & Metals Consultants and Traders •      Mining Machinery & Equipment Producers
•      Fund Management Companies •      Industry Associations

"Interesting topics and a different insight into Central & West Africa."
Ian Hendry, HOD Process Engineer
TWP Projects (Pty) Ltd

"Well done."
Mulonda Matata, Senior Project Geologist
Banro Corporation

"Excellently organized and well-attended."
Prof John C Anyanwu, Lead Research Economist
African Development Bank (AfDB)

"Very good."
Daniel Wilson, Country Manager - Ghana
Edgewater Exploration Ltd

"Very impressive."
George Etwire, Contract Manager
Boart Longyear Drilling Services (Ghana)

"Successful Summit."
John Mpambije, Exploration Manager
Sarama Resources Ltd