Issues to be addressed at this Event:

Market Trends
Technical & Commercial Challenges for rural electrification
Innovative concepts for off-grids implementation & access to credits
Project updates in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda

Advancing the commercial use of mini-grids in:
Heavy industries
Sugar and agriculture
Tourism and other commercial industries

Renewable technologies & Hybrids
Comparative analysis of various RE technologies
Matching of technologies to suit specified objectives
Integration of Mini grids and intelligent metering system
Control Mechanisms for generation and load management
Case studies of low voltage and mid voltage mini grids in operation
Business models for hybrid systems
Vending system: Prepaid vs Invoice

Regulations & Policy
What can a regulator do to promote the commercial viability of mini-grids?
A risk benefit analysis of regulation vs deregulation for mini grid operators
Who should regulate and why light-handed regulation will work best in certain situations
Do mini-grid operators and small power producers have a legal right to exist in the first place
Characteristics of a good regulation framework and approval system
Tariffs, incentives, subsidies, carbon credits and advance payments
A comparative analysis of PPA's for mini grid operators vs other producers

Financing & Investment
Strategies to move away from "charitable capital" to ensure a sustainable and reliable funding pool
Analysing the risk-returns and criteria of a mini-grid investment in terms of scalability, distribution challenges and market growth
Viable financing models and latest effective approaches
Overcoming a "pre-mature" market mentality landscape, little private sector involvement and lack of local lenders offering long tenor financing and feasible rates
Risk management to mitigate grant delays and uncertainties

Knowledge Transfer & Human Capital
Creating the scalable operating model to ensure long term commercial viability for developers
Overcoming the scarcity of human capital and the viability of capacity building efforts
Risk management perspectives on tackling ground level issues on security, equipment theft, maintenance
Achieving the social licence to operate and getting the community buy-in to ensure smooth implementation
Strategies to emphasize social, health and environmental benefits to stakeholders to achieve economic benefits