Just some of the burning issues to be discussed at this Summit:

Outlook on Africa jet fuel supply and demand and future trends
The dynamics of selling, trading and supplying of jet fuel
Jet fuel price volatility and its impact on airline profitability
How to mitigate the impact of US dollars exchange rate on jet fuel price?
Collective fuel purchase: win- win situation for airlines and fuel suppliers
Ensuring jet fuel quality and supply reliability in Africa: A supplier's perspective
Optimizing jet fuel logistics to meet rising air travel demand: What need to be done?
Case study: The logistics hurdles of jet fuel supply to United Nation operations in Africa
Jet storage tank and tanker trucks demand & supply
How Africa low cost carriers strive to overcome jet fuel skyrocketed price?
Assessing the adverse impact of aviation fuel price on the competitiveness of African airlines
Optimizing flight route to reduce fuel consumption
The impact of limited budget and insufficient fuel supply on air force operations
Accelerating airport expansion to meet jet fuel supply and infrastructure needs
Airport hydrant systems and underground storage managing and quality risks
Preventing fuel contamination: The risk of water contamination in jet fuel and its impact
The opportunities of fuel additives & catalysts in Africa's emerging and potential market
Bringing airport infrastructure and operations up to speed with global ICAO's standards
Into-plane infrastructure facilities expansion opportunities in African airports
Improving African airline profitability and cost optimization
From theory to practice: how to generate new traffic and transit traffic in Africa?
Optimization of Jet Fuel Quality Management Systems for Supply Reliability in Africa
Microbial Contamination of Jet Fuel