About the Summit

Supply & Demand Dynamics • Competition & Pricing
Airlines Fuel Procurement & Airport Infrastructure •
Operational Excellence • Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuels

Air transport in Africa has seen above average growth over the past 10 years. According to International Air Transport Association (IATA), passengers traffic measured in revenue passenger kilometers rose 88.8% in 2003-2013 while air cargo demand measured in freight ton kilometers grew 54%. Boeing also estimates that Africa will see air traffic growth soar 5.7% annually over the next two decades, beating the global average of 5%. Nevertheless, the ability to sustain and expand the air travel growth hinges on overcoming a number of challenges especially the high price of jet fuel and its volatility.

Jet Fuel Prices - A Threat to Aviation Growth in Africa

Jet fuel prices in some African capitals are double the global average and it is posing a threat to its aviation sector development. The high cost of jet fuel in Africa compared to other regions due to distribution inefficiencies and infrastructure constraints has held back the development of airlines and fare reduction. Apart from the issues of highly priced jet fuel, Africa's jet fuel shortfall is expected to triple from 1.8 million mt in 2013 to around 5.2 million mt by 2025.

African aviation industry must be poised to accommodate the growth in passenger and cargo traffic with better strategies to mitigate the risks and impact associated with jet fuel. The Africa Jet Fuel & Aviation Conference will provide both best strategies sharing and extensive business networking opportunities, attracting participation from leading aviation fuel producers, suppliers, marketers, refiners, traders, airport operators, airlines, aircraft and engine manufacturers.

The Africa Jet Fuel & Aviation Conference is about:

Bringing together the key players from the aviation and energy ecosystem
Sharing strategies and instruments in managing jet fuel costs
Overcoming the challenges of jet fuel supply chain hurdles, inadequate fuel infrastructure and storage
Exploring potential business partnership and opportunities
Identifying infrastructure and investment needs to improve jet fuel supply chain and aviation development
Leveraging sustainable alternative jet fuel in the future

Who Should Attend?

•      Airports •      Aircraft & Engine Manufacturers
•      Airlines •      Into-Plane Jet Fuel Suppliers
•      Oil & Gas Companies •      Fuel Storage Providers
•      Alternative Bio Jetfuel Producers & Marketers •      Energy Traders & Brokers
•      Legal Advisory Firms •      Civil Aviation Authorities
•      Management & Technical Advisory Services

Snapshots of Attendees

Do not miss Africa's only gathering of jet fuel suppliers, traders, airlines and airport authorities.