About the Summit

Two new telecom licences have just been awarded. The new Telecom Law is now being treated in its final stage in Parliament and is expected to be passed soon. Foreign investments in both the telecom and ICT sectors are welcome, and more new market openings are expected. Beyond the two new telco licences awarded, more new licences for foreign joint ventures or foreign entities are in the pipeline. Amongst the wide array of services permitted, the two new operators will be allowed to offer mobile connections, fixed line services, IT and Internet offerings. Indeed, the need for upgrading internet/ICT infrastructure is urgent, and the demand for cloud computing for enterprises in all industries and in government is also urgent and huge. What are the new opportunities for ISP licenses and other related infrastructural requirements?

Taking a long-term, business-serious, determined approach to promote further investments and economic growth & new job creation in Myanmar, Magenta Global, with its forte in organizing Global Investment Summits for New-Growth, Emerging Economies around the world, is pleased to organize the 2nd "INTO MYANMAR: Telecoms and IT Global Summit 2013" in Yangon, Myanmar.

Myanmar's decision makers, corporate leaders of Myanmar's telco, ICT, internet sectors are expected to grace this Summit together with senior management and decision makers from international telecom companies, service providers and equipment companies, broadcasting companies, satellite companies from Asia, Europe, USA, Australia & the Middle East.

With the encouragement from leading ICT players and the telecom authorities in Myanmar, this Summit will provide the high-level strategic platform for foreign telecom operators, investors, equipment providers and technology leaders to meet with key decision-makers in Myanmar's public and private sectors, in addition, in providing the latest updates on key changes in Myanmar's potentially promising telecom and ICT sectors.

Snapshots of Past Attendees

Myanmar players and international telcos, ICT companies, system integrators, technology leaders, broadcasters from Asia, Europe, USA, Russia, the Middle East are expected to grace
2nd INTO MYANMAR: Telecoms and IT Global Summit 2013