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181 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208533

About the Conference

Wearable Technology Expected to be the Next Big Wave in Healthcare Industry.
Be part of the Sensor Revolution

The world of digital health is transforming the global healthcare landscape. Mobile networks are the enabler of digital health while wearable technology is growing rapidly and is expected to be the next big wave in healthcare similar to that created by the smartphone revolution.

The increasing adoption of wearable technology in healthcare application is accelerated with the increasing demand for real time data for assisted living and home care patients. Keeping the patients out of hospital means saving on resources: doctors and hospitals bed can be devoted to truly sick patients; better experiences for patients and care givers who can still live at their own familiar setting that may accelerate the recovery; as well as benefiting the country and health care system as a whole.

Concurrently with costs on the rise, the shift of healthcare now is on preventing diseases before they arise. Wearable sensors are expected to create a major impact in fitness and clinical diagnostics.

According to IHS, wearable technology and remote patient monitoring show bright outlook whereby telehealth services are currently forecast to serve 5 million patients worldwide and consumer medical devices are forecast to exceed OEM sales of $10 billion through 2017. In a new assessment of the mobile healthcare market, ABI Research finds home monitoring devices which primarily target the growing elderly care market, is also expected to witness strong growth over the next five years with overall device revenue growing at CAGR exceeding 39%. McKinsey estimates that the cost of chronic disease treatment could be reduced by 10-20% through the use of mobile sensors, an economic impact of up to $2 trillion per year by 2025.

The potential of wearable technology healthcare industry is immense but one thing for sure is you must keep up with the developments. What are the significant innovations & what can be expected in the next generation of wearables? What are the adoption challenges?

We invite you to join us at the 4th Mobile and Wearable Technology: Healthcare 2014 Conference which will feature keynote presentations, interesting sessions and demos. The Conference will showcase the emerging technologies, the improvement of hospital intelligence, patient's experiences and engagement that will accelerate the adoption of digital healthcare.

Why You Must Attend This Conference

•      To meet and network with the industry leaders and trend setters and to establish new partnership
•      To gain new insights into the latest technology developments in the healthcare sector
•      To devise an impeccable strategy in line with the evolving technologies
•      To understand the business models and the regulatory framework pertaining to the new digital healthcare industry
•      To increase the effectiveness, productivity and patient's satisfaction in the healthcare ecosystem
•      To leverage data analytics to enhance healthcare delivery

Who Will Be Attending?

•      Healthcare Providers •      Pharmaceuticals
•      Device Manufacturers •      Academics
•      Regulators •      R&D
•      Department of Health •      NGO
•      Medical Technology Providers •      Software Vendors
•      Mobile Application Developers •      Technology Solution Providers
•      Medical Associations •      Consulting Firms
•      Telecommunication Providers