Summit Highlights

Myanmar Government Incentives in promoting new Telecom and IT technologies

Insights into New telecom services rollout by new telecom operators and MPT, MEC & other partners

Preparing for other new market openings in the telecom sector: beyond the 2 new telecom licenses awarded. What's next?

Telecom infrastructure and new telecom tower installations by new foreign telcos in Myanmar. Rights issues and regulatory hurdles

New Value added services planning and rollouts including New video calls services and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) by new foreign telcos in Myanmar

Myanmar-Foreign joint venture telecom opportunities. Foreign investments and the transfer of advanced telecom ICT technology to Myanmar

The restructuring of MPT and YTP: new strategic alliances, new openings

Satellite Communications & Satellite Broadband Opportunities in Myanmar

Digital Broadcasting and Mobile TV prospects in Myanmar

Future plans to expand and enlarge the CDMA system in Myanmar
WiFi latest developments in Myanmar. More telecom towers, base stations and micro-cells as an option

Myanmar joining the new Southeast Asia submarine optical cable network. Upgrading of existing submarine cables and the advent of new Fibre Optics & better connectivity. New fibre optic contracts for Myanmar. Upgrading of Optical Fibre Cable installation by Myanma Railways

Mobile Entertainment market in Myanmar

Smart Card Technology advancements and Solutions for the Payment Infrastructure in Myanmar. The potential market for Prepaid in Myanmar

Myanmar Corporate CEOs, Government, NGO and Technology Leaders Visionary Forum - How the new ICT and internet infrastructure services can benefit business sectors, government services, education & other vertical sectors in Myanmar

The Myanmar ICT Challenge & Opportunities: Myanmar Chief Information Officers and ICT Experts Forum

Can Myanmar achieve USO - Universal Service Obligation, with these telecom & ICT advances?

How the new ICT and telecom services can help city planning in Yangon, Mandalay, Naypidaw, rural Myanmar and the new special economic zones in Thilawa, Kyaukphyu and other new industrial zones

New Opportunities in Social Media in Myanmar

Capacity development in Myanmar's telecom infrastructure. How to leapfrog beyond current offerings?

Regulatory, Spectrum allocation and management challenges

Strategic Options: Single Network, NBN Model for mobile networks, MVNOs for Myanmar? Active RAN sharing? Benefits & Costs

Financing for new ICT projects and start-ups in Myanmar

Smart & affordable telecom pricing: tariffs, designing subscription plans, balancing affordability & profitability in an emerging market

Latest Pilot 3G Tests
Towards 4G: Trials by new foreign telcos and incumbent in Myanmar

FTTH, ADSL: Operations in Yangon, Mandalay, Pyin Oo Lwin, Yamaethin, implementation in other cities

Transition & Migration Management in Myanmar Telecoms

How to effect better interconnection and coverage in Myanmar? Network Optimization challenges. Could heterogeneous networks work here?

Fixed-Mobile Convergence challenges in Myanmar

Rural Telecoms for Myanmar & Choosing a suitable technology for Rural Wireless

Telecom Contracting & Roll-Out Planning
Opportunities for foreign service providers and equipment vendors: what do the new operators and a re-organised MPT need?

Structuring Telecom Contracts and Service Level Agreements that work

Myanmar New Data Centers and m-Cloud Opportunities Forum:
Building an effective Cloud Computing architecture and Mobile Cloud opportunities
Data Centers development and Cloud Adoption in Myanmar

The Advent of SaaS in Myanmar. Market Potential for SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Deploying SaaS applications with ICT service providers in Myanmar

Mobile Roaming
International Roaming connection for Myanmar telecoms. Compatibility challenges. Latest developments

Billing and Customer Care in Myanmar telecoms

Budget Smartphones
Smartphones advances: their advent in the Myanmar market, affordability and potential for high growth

Triple Play
Broadcasting: from analogue to digital - the release of “white space” for better spectrum allocation? Triple play potential in Myanmar?

Mobile Content
Content Management and Censorship Issues on Mobile Content

OTT Potential
OTT possibilities and potential in Myanmar

The mobile device market potential in Myanmar: issues on affordability, pricing, regulation, market access - Entry strategies

Sectoral Opportunities
Telecoms and ICT Opportunities in selected sectors in Myanmar

  1. Telecoms and ICT applications in the mining sector
  2. Telecoms, SCADA and IT usage in the utilities, oil & gas sectors
  3. E-Government services
  4. Mobile Advertising & Marketing
  5. Mobile applications in retailing and consumerables
  6. Mobile Health services & diagnostics
  7. Telecoms and IT applications in the agricultural and livestock sectors
  8. On-line Shopping and Retailing
  9. E-Commerce rollouts in Myanmar
  10. E-ticketing and sales in Myanmar

New Investments, Training & Development, New Ecosystem
Entrepreneurship development opportunities in Myanmar telecoms and ICT

Venture Capital and new private equity plays in new ICT technology and mobile ventures in Myanmar

Talent management, Recruitment and staffing for telecoms and ICT professionals in Myanmar: Improving qualifications of ICT/Telecom staff