About the Summit

The 4th East & Central Africa Roads & Rail Infrastructure Summit 2013 is the premier event focusing on Eastern and Central Africa's transportation infrastructure needs for roads, rails and ports. Inadequate infrastructure remains a major obstacle impeding the region from achieving its full economic growth potential. With East & Central Africa being seen as one of the fastest growing economic hubs, meeting the demand for key infrastructure has been identified as a leading priority and a challenge.

There is a great opportunity for additional new projects and an urgent need to improve the reliability and efficiency of current infrastructure.

Kenya, together with neighboring countries including South Sudan and Ethiopia, has launched a $25-billion infrastructure development plan that will effectively connect East African countries, as well as create a better bridge between East and West Africa. The LAPSSET Infrastructure project is a masterplan that includes a new port hub, a railway line, a highway, airports, a crude oil pipeline and an oil refinery, among others. The project is poised to enhance trade flows and the investment climate of Eastern & Central Africa at a time of increasing interest among global investors in the African continent as a whole.

Tanzania, on the other hand is going ahead with the Dar-es-Salaam-Isaka-Kigali-Giteta-Musongati Railway Project with an estimated worth of $5 billion. This East African Rail Corridor project is one project likely to have profound positive effects on the economies and communities in Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

Mining activities, agricultural production, tourism growth and the new energy projects are contributing to the substantial infrastructure investments in the whole region. However, the question remains if those projects remain in the hands of the local governments or if they are carried out in partnership with private developers.

Raising money to develop infrastructure continues to be one of the key challenges facing Africa's expanding economies. The AfDB has recently announced plans to launch a Pan-African infrastructure bond to raise around $22 billion that will be used solely to finance Africa's infrastructure, energy, maritime and rail development, with much of it being channeled to East & Central Africa.

Large infrastructure investments are expected to be in the form of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and private sector investors need to understand the intricate requirements of partnership agreements in order to participate effectively in them. African banks are coming up with innovative products such as syndicated loans in order to provide the financial support and bring on-board development finance institutions as well as trans-national finance institutions.

The 4th East & Central Africa Roads & Rail Infrastructure Summit 2013 is the only platform for you to meet with all the industry stakeholders in the eco-system, to probe and evaluate investment opportunities and to do business with fresh insights.

A new integral part of the Summit is the showcase of construction & transportation technologies, expertise and services.

Who will be Attending the Summit?

•      Policy Makers & Government Ministry Officials •      Director-Generals, Presidents, CEOs, Managing Directors & General Managers
•      Chief Investment Officers •      Finance Directors & Managers
•      Business Development Directors & Managers •      Operations Directors & Managers
•      Heads of Technology & Engineering •      Heads of Environment, Safety & Security
•      Sales & Marketing Directors/Managers •      Consulting Engineers
•      Technical Directors & Managers •      Civil Engineers
•      Mechanical Engineers •      Supply & Operations Managers
•      Project Directors & Managers •      Administration Managers
•      Project Analysts •      Commercial Directors & Managers
•      Market Development Managers •      Traffic Managers
•      Heads of Procurement & Tenders •      Design & Planning Managers
•      Maintenance & Repair Engineers •      Plant & Installation Managers
•      Heads of Project Finance •      Directors of Infrastructure
•      Heads of Infrastructure Funds •      Heads of Logistics
•      Transportation Consultants •      Supply Chain Directors & Managers
•      Road Consultants & Advisors •      Rail Consultants & Advisors
•      Trade & Investment Advisors •      Commercial Counsellors

Sectors Represented at the Summit

•      Rail & Road Operators •      Laboratory Testing & Analysis Project
•      Rail & Road Authorities •      Financers & Private Equity Investors
•      Infrastructure Funds Agencies •      Logistics Companies
•      Concessionaries •      Ports and Intermodal Operators
•      Civil Engineering Companies •      End-users (Mining, Manufacturing, etc)
•      Mechanical Engineering Companies •      Maintenance and Engineering Companies
•      Project Management Consultancies •      Legal Advisory Firms
•      Architects •      Transport Technology Suppliers
•      Design & Engineering Firms •      Construction & Infrastructure Companies
•      Construction Management •      Environmental Advisory Services
•      Surveying & Mapping Services

We invite you to join the industry stakeholders at the
4th East & Central Africa Roads & Rail Infrastructure Summit 2013
in creating a well-connected and economically prosperous
East & Central Africa!