About the Summit

The first wave of the 4G networks, namely LTE, is being deployed around the world today. In Asia, particularly North Asia, LTE deployments have taken place very rapidly, with Taiwan scheduled to award four new 4G LTE licenses by the end of November 2013. 7 bidders have already been selected for the final process, amongst whom are three completely new players. The auction will be for spectrum in either the 700-MHz or 2.6-GHz bands, coupled with spectrum in the 900-MHz and 1,800-MHz band refarmed from 2G operations. Similarly, China is also concurrently, rolling out its 4G LTE licenses bidding exercise.

As the 4G technologies are being tested and deployed in many countries around the world, efforts to define, research and develop Beyond 4G (B4G) are under way.

Have we exhausted most of the low-hanging 4G ideas? Or do we need a new disruptive, innovation momentum, to allow the mobile wireless industry to continue to create value and be relevant? Indeed, 5G mobile technology will deliver data speeds 100 times that of the fastest LTE networks, which max out at 100 Mbps when afforded the necessary spectrum. Of course, 5G speeds will likewise be dependent upon the spectrum available.

5G will likely be introduced in 2020. In Asia, China may work with Taiwanese companies on 5G technology and set up a mutual supply chain.

Taiwan's government expects to begin discussions later this year regarding the development of industries relating to 5G. This entails a clear and detailed plan to promote the development of 5G technologies, which will involve issues such as human resources, the assignment of a frequency spectrum and policies in several areas.

Numerous companies are hopping on the 5G bandwagon, even though standards are only now being debated and are far from being decided. For instance, one international company in Korea, said earlier this year that it had developed a new adaptive array transceiver technology that will enable 5G speeds using millimeter-wave bands. As it is, there already are at least 29 partners spanning telecommunications manufacturers, network operators, the automotive industry and academia currently, actively participating in 5G research. And now, the telecom giants are jumping onboard.

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