Hot Topics to be Discussed at this year's Summit

•      Next Chapter in Mobile Banking and Payments in Myanmar: Regulatory, Operational & Infrastructural Challenges and Emerging Opportunities
•      Tapping into New Opportunities in Mobile Payments and E-Commerce in:
a. Asia: Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, India
b. Africa
c. The Middle East
d. Central Asia
•      Case Studies of Innovative Successful Deployment of Mobile Banking, NFC, e-Wallets and e-Banking Solutions
•      Mobile Commerce in Myanmar & the Asia Pacific region - What Is Going to Happen in 2015?
•      New NFC Initiatives in the Asia Pacific region
•      Alternative Payment Systems: The Advent of BitCoins in the Asia Pacific marketplace - Implementation Rollouts and Market Opportunities
•      Supporting and equipping telcos to roll out Value Added Services & E-Commerce enterprise services in Myanmar
•      The role of merchants and intermediaries in promoting mobile payments in Myanmar
•      The role of credit/debit card companies & money transfer companies in promoting mobile payments and e-commerce in Myanmar
•      Preparing for the upswing in e-Commerce and Mobile Commerce in Myanmar. Case studies in air-ticketing, in the hospitality, tourism, transportation, advertising sectors.
•      Resolving ICT infrastructure and security bottlenecks in mobile payments and e-commerce in Myanmar
•      The critical role of air logistics providers in facilitating e-Commerce and online shopping in Myanmar
•      What Role Do MFI Play in Financial Inclusion?
•      Driving Technology Innovation and Taking Up Contactless Payments at Merchant Locations in Emerging Markets
•      Will Retailers and Mobile Operators Find Themselves in a Better Position to Profitably Deliver Basic Financial Services to the Mass Market than Banks?
•      Risk Management Strategies in Alternate Banking Delivery Channels: Compliance challenges for Retail Banks
•      Experiences from Asian Countries in Rolling out Biometric Banking Applications
•      Importance and Challenges of e-Money and Liquidity Management and the Integration to Existing Banking Infrastructure
•      Moving Towards Cloud Computing (Private) for Mobile Banking
•      The Evolution of Payments- How Mobile & Digital Payment Technologies Are Shaping the Future of E-Commerce?