Programme Highlights

•      Bringing Open-Source Technology into the 5G Arena
•      Technology Strategies of Developing 5G: Prototyping and Test-Bedding for Emerging 5G technologies
•      Spectrum Allocation for 5G:
•    Spectrum planning global frequencies harmonization for B4G
•    Flexible spectrum usage, utilization of higher frequency bands
•      SDN/NFV Technological & Deployment Update: SDN-Based Joint Backhaul & Access Design
•      Cloud-RAN Technological & Deployment Update: Optimal Assignment of Cells in C-RAN Deployments
•      Mobile Networks as Service MNaS
•      Public Safety with 4G LTE Now and with 5G in the Future
•      5G: Traffic Forecasts, Trends, Patterns, Modelling
•      5G in the Making: New Mobile Network Technologies - An Update on Research Progress in 5G Worldwide
•    Novel radio access network (RAN) architectures
•    Advanced radio resource management (RRM) techniques
•    Emerging technologies in physical layer
•    Novel services and network development for effective business methods
•      Towards 5G: Telcos & Technology Leaders Forum - The Path to 5G
•      Moving from Legacy Systems to 5G
Long-Term Research, thorough Strategic Planning and a Market-Oriented Technology Development is Required to Build the Envisaged 5G Platform Addressing a Breadth of Use-Cases and Business Models
Main Use-Cases, Business Models and Operator Value Proposition Envisaged for 2020 and Beyond
Requirements for Consideration: User Experience, System Performance, Devices, Enhanced Service, Business Models and Network Management & Operation
Spectrum Bands for 5G, Possible Impact of Spectrum Sharing on 5G Technology & Standards Infrastructure Sharing
•      Internet of Everything New Developments with the Advent of 5G Forum:
Applications & Sectors Update
How Could Telcos Develop a Suite of M2M Services to Meet Increasing Market Demand?
Demand for New Services from End-Customers, Enterprises and Industry Verticals like Health or Automotive will Drive and Shape the Evolution of 5G
What are the Current Trends and Potential Future Developments around Mobile Applications, Services and the Underlying Enabling Platforms
What is the Market Demand for New Devices and Chipsets and the Related Technology Roadmap? The Synergies between IoT & 5G
Cellular on Everything: Telecom Handset Vendors' Strategies on IoT
•      5G Solution Providers & Researchers Forum with Pilot Demonstration
•      Focus - Taiwan: LTE 2600MHz Spectrum Auction Review
•      Focus - Taiwan: A Review of the All-You-Eat Data Tariff
•      From Small Cell to UDN in 5G