About the Summit

As the forerunner/ahead-of-the-curve Premier Summit for the Asia-Pacific region, we are very pleased to bring to market, the 6th 5G International Summit 2015: Future Vision & Game Changer, from 21-22 September 2015 in Taipei. This Summit seeks to bring together telcos and regulators from the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East regions, ISPs, OTTs, technology leaders, solution providers, researchers, IoT device designers, connected autos and OEMs, going beyond motherhood statements to surf the Next Wave of the Future in 5G, connecting things and services in a total 5G ecosystem.

But, truly, what is the critical migratory path to 5G? With many countries launching into LTE, some already onto LTE-Advanced, many have also started the 5G trajectory in earnest. Can we go beyond the hype and reach some 5G standardization by 2019 or 2020, the scheduled arrival date? What is happening in the 5G space from now till then? Find out at this Ultimate Summit!

At this Summit, top-notch telcos and regulators from ITU, OTTs, vendors and 5G researchers will be invited to share their breakthroughs, prototypes, pilot tests and standards updates in 5G. Even controversial subjects are considered. For example, Open Source hardware and software for 5G will provide potential huge opportunities for industries, including those based in Taiwan and North Asia.

However, this at the same time poses a new challenge for public telecoms projects and related researchers: How then can a so-called win-win strategy be reached? In addition to updates on the usual 5G offerings, this Summit will provide the platform for technology providers to share their 5G & IoT visions, customizing solutions for their respective telco's or OTT's specific needs. Indeed, we will spare no effort to bring to the fore, the whole gamut of the latest 5G and IoT innovations, right to the last hour of the Summit!

Taiwan has taken the path to promote 5G technologies. It has been reported that the Ministry of Economic Affairs will allocate NT$1 billion (US$32.6 million) from the NT$15 billion (US$488.6 million) 4G Fund to push upgrading from 4G to 5G.

We Invite You to be Part of this Dynamic Next Wave!