Invited speakers Include top 5G & LTE Advanced visionaries, researchers, developers & IoT device designers & users from all over the world including Asia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, ...

Meet Faculty of top Speakers including:

•      Dr Yennun Huang, Deputy Executive Secretary, Office of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan, BOST
•      Mu-Piao Shih, President, Chunghwa Telecom
•      Dr Ching-Tarng Hsieh, Director, ITRI
•      Frank Bradbury, Head of global mobile broadband engineering, Cisco Systems
•      Stuart Rosove, Vice President, Advanced Solutions, Irdeto
•      Dr Lee Hyeon Woo, Chairman, 5G Forum Global Alliance Subcommittee
•      Armin G Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Telematic Systems GmbH
•      Edward Liao, Vice President, Asia Business Development, Advanced Telematic Systems GmbH

Dr Hung Yu-Wei, Past Consulting Member, Acts & Regulation Committee, National Communications Commission/ Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, National Taiwan University

•      Dr Tonny Yang, Deputy Manager in Advanced Communication Technology, Information & Communications Technology Labs, ITRI
•      Dr. Roger B. Marks, EthAirNet Associates
•      Dr Kim Young Lak, LTE-Advanced & 5G Elastic Cell Expert, SK Telecom
•      Rick Hsu, Consultant, UL Transaction Security

Plus Invited Senior Management from:

• Taiwan Star Telecom
• Global Mobile Corporation
• Taiwan Mobile
• Far EasTone Telecom
• National Communications Commission
• Korea Telecom
• Studio X-Gene, a top Taiwanese auto designer
• Landseed Hospital
• National Information Institute, Japan
• Taiwan Fubon Bank
• MasterCard Taiwan
• Taiwan Robotics and Automation Association

Call to Technology and Service Providers

As the region's premier 5G industry Summit, this is a great opportunity to showcase your company and network with leading organizations. Limited speaking slots are available to sponsors.

We invite you to submit an abstract to share your knowledge, experience and ideas with high level influencers and strategic decision makers.

Please send your abstract, name, company and job title to marketing2@magenta-global.com.sg