Summit Agenda at a Glance:

Towards 5G

•      4G LTE Licenses and their rollouts in Taiwan: Latest Update
•      5G Initiatives in North Asia & the World: R & D collaboration and pilot projects - Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, USA, Europe
•      Technology strategies of developing B4G: Prototyping and test-bedding for emerging B4G technologies
•      Strategic spectrum planning and allocation for 4G LTE: Standardisation of spectrum and plans for multiband harmonization of LTE. Progress in LTE band availability
•      TD-LTE advances, commercialization & rollouts in Asia. FDD and TDD convergence & co-existence.
•      LTE Voice Latest Developments
•      QoS for the 4G LTE market
•      LTE network performance management analytics
•      SON latest developments
•      Interconnect challenges for 4G LTE operators. LTE roaming trial between VFOpcos and 3rd parties
•      How to connect Cloud with 4G Mobile?
•      How will Cloud Computing and SDN affect how mobile networks and their services evolve?
•      How can carriers and OTT service providers cooperate to successfully grow their revenues profitably? Could LTE be the perfect platform for OTTs? Could telcos become just bit pipes?
•      How will Cloud and IMS service environments be leveraged together to provide a rich, rapidly evolving service set for carriers and end-users?
•      Mobile Networks as Service MNaS
•      Opportunities and challenges for HetNets: the reshaping of of network architecture and the operator's business models.
•      Millimeter wave application in cellular network
•      Social networking device integration
•      5G in the making: new Mobile Network Technologies - An Update on Research Progress in 5G worldwide
a. Novel radio access network (RAN) architectures
  1. Network densification
  2. Flexible/Virtual RAN
  3. Self Organizing/Optimizing Network
  4. Extreme dense cells control
  5. CoMP transmission and reception
  6. Distributed antenna systems
  7. Advanced relaying, user terminal relaying
  8. Femto, Pico, Phantom Cells
  9. Terminal intelligence
b. Advanced radio resource management (RRM) techniques
  1. Interference management
  2. Inter-cell interference coordination (ICIC, eICIC)
  3. Artificial intelligence in wireless comms
  4. Congestion management
c. Emerging technologies in physical layer
  1. Interference-robust air interface
  2. Higher-order massive MIMO, MU-MIMO
  3. Multi-antenna & multi-site technologies
  4. Active antenna systems (AAS)
  5. Multiuser communications
  6. Network information
  7. Novel modulation & coding schemes, NOMA, SCMA
  8. Beyond OFDM(A)
d. Novel services
  1. Enhanced voice and video
  2. Machine-to-machine (M2M), machine-type communications (MTC)
  3. Point-to-point (P2P)/ Device-to-device (D2D) communications
  4. Telepresence
e. Energy efficiency

f. Spectrum
  1. Flexible spectrum usage, utilization of higher frequency bands
  2. Aggregation of intra and inter-band carriers for both FDD and TDD
  3. Cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access
  4. Adaptive radio access techniques
  5. Spectrum planning global frequencies harmonization for B4G
g. mmWave communications
•      Building the 5G foundation, network infrastructure and business environment

Internet of Everything

•      Internet of Everything new developments. Applications and Sectors Update. How could telcos develop a suite of M2M services to meet increasing market demand?
•      IoT advances and applications in: Smart Homes, Smart Production Factories, Smart Offices, Transportation, Energy, Healthcare, Retailing, Agriculture, Security, Advertising, Defence
•      "Smart and Sustainable Cities in Asia" - the critical role of new Mobile Technologies and Architecture - case studies of Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei
•      Wearable sensing, Google Glass and other new smart devices


•      The Global Telecom Operators CEO/CTO Roundtable
•      The Taiwan incumbent and new Telecom Operators CEO/CTO Roundtable
•      The Global OTT CEO/CTO Roundtable
•      The Global Smart Devices/Smartphone CEO/CTO Roundtable
•      The Global Internet of Things/End User CEO/CTO Roundtable and Sector Presentations
•      The Global Cloud Computing CEO/CTO Roundtable
•      The Global Wearable Computing/Haptic Technology CEO/CTO Roundtable
•      The Global Humanoids/Service Robotics Roundtable
•      The Global Technology Investors Roundtable